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About Magician Anil 

Magician Anil has performed at numerous corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, public gatherings, and social occasions. He embarked on his magical journey in 2008, drawing inspiration from the successful magician Ugesh Sarkar. Explore our About page for more information. 

Birthday Magician

Magician Anil is kids entertainer, he is also known as children magician, kids magician, birthday party magician, he has performed in hundreds of Birthday Parties, He is true Birthday Magician .

Corporate Magician 

The another face of Magician Anil is that he is Corporate Magician, he has performed magic shows in many corporate such as Sun Pharma, Kapila Sariya, Bank of Baroda, Accenture, IDFC Bank, IDFC first Bank, Bharat Aluminum, Infobeans Technologies, Task Us, etc. (More updates forthcoming )

School Magician

Magician Anil has enchanted students at various schools across different cities, including DPS Rau, The Daly College School, Kiddy Heights School, Kerala International School (Simrol), Tagore Vidya Mandir, DBS Public School, Mahesh Memorial Public Higher Secondary School (Bagh), Firstcry Intellitots Preschool (Shivpuri), Little Millennium School (Rewa and Indore), Radiant Pre School, Kids Paradise School, Sankalp International School (Kukshi), The Daly College School, Balls and Dolls School, Sunrise Education Academy, Gud Luck School, Tayyabi School (Ujjain), Sanskar Public School, among others. (Full school list forthcoming) He is acclaimed as a School Magician, having performed magic shows at these schools on various occasions including Annual Functions, School Inaugurations, School Activities, Children's Day Celebrations, and Christmas Celebrations. Visit our School Magician - Anil page for more details. 

Multi City Magician

Magician Anil is multi city magician. he has perfomed in Surat, Jabalpur, Khandwa, Bhopal, Dewas, Ujjain, Mhow, Khargone, Shivpuri, Bina, Sagar, Rewa, Mandsaur, etc (all cities will update soon). Magician Anil likes to perform in Indore, Mhow, Ujjain and Dewas most. 

Magician of Indore

Having performed over 500 magic shows exclusively in Indore, Magician Anil has cemented his reputation as the Magician of Indore. 

Kids Magician / Children Magician

Magician Anil is friendly with kids therefore he is known as kids and children magician. since he has performed in school and birthday events, therefore he is also known as kids magician and children magician for birthday and schools. 

Wedding Magician

Magician Anil has performed in many wedding events on stage and table hopping style in various cities such as Pachmarhi, Indore,  Ujjain, Khandwa etc. 


Magician for Birthday Party

Magician Anil performs in Birthday Party of kids and adult both. he engage all ages of audience in his performances 

Magician for School Event

Magician Anil is known as student magician and school magician, he is continuously performing in various schools for school inauguration, children's day,, annual function and other school events.  

Magician for Corporate Event

Magician Anil has performed  numerous magic shows in corporate such as accenture, task us, bank of baroda, Kapila Sariya, Sun Pharma, etc. He has perfomed conjuring and mentalism magic in corporate.

Magician for Children's Day Event

Magician Anil is known as kids magician and school magician. On childrens day he perform 10  magic shows every year in schools and societies.

Customized Magic show for your events. 

Customized magic show is also available please contact directly for customization. 

Magician for Wedding

Anil has performed Closeup / Table Hopping , Stage , Mahila Sangeet Magic Show in Weddings events in Ujjain, Dewas, Indore and Mhow. 

Magician for Anniversary Party 

Anniversary is also special occasion for elders and Adults, Magician Anil has performed Magic show in Anniversary party in Sendhwa, Inodre, Ujjain, Dewas and Mhow. 

Magician for New Year Celebration 

Countless Magic shows for New Year and 31 December celebration has been done by Magician Anil. 

Magician Anil R Kale

Magician |  Mentalist | Artist | Performer


Make your event Memorable, Magical , Impactful and Memorable. 

Magician Anil R Kale

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Closeup Magic Show

Birthday Magic Show

School Magic Show

Birthday Magic Show

Birthday Magic Show

Magic Show in Special Event

Get Magical Experience

Magician Anil Kale is entertaining the Corporate clients, Institutions, Schools, Organizations in their Annual Functions, Meeting, Annual Events, Marriages, Birthday Celebration with Stage Magic, Closeup Magic, Virtual Magic Shows and Mentalism Magic.

Stage Magic is where Magician  entertain people by his colorful visual magic tricks. It is Corporate Magic, Kids Magic Show, etc.

Closeup Magic is where Magician entertain people by going in public and entertain them personally. It is for public gathering and corporate events too.

Mentalism Magic is where Magician performs some mind reading, and thought sending magic. It is for youngsters, corporate and logical magic seeking people.

Virtual Online Magic Show is where magician and audience enjoy magic on their mobile devices, on zoom meeting or google meetup, etc.

You get all above interesting magic packages on a single phone call.

## Unleash the Magic with Magician Anil Kale: Enchanting Events in Indore and Beyond!

Looking for a **top magician in Indore** to sprinkle wonder and amusement over your next event? Look no further than **Magician Anil Kale**, the maestro of illusions and creator of unforgettable memories!

**From dazzling birthday parties to captivating corporate events, Anil tailors his magic to suit every occasion:**

* **Birthday Magician:** Witness the joy on children's faces as Anil's playful tricks and interactive acts make their birthday bash truly extraordinary.

* **Kids' Party Magician:** Keep the young ones mesmerized with hilarious routines, colorful props, and engaging magic that encourages participation and laughter.

* **School Magician:** Inspire young minds and ignite a love for learning with educational magic shows that blend entertainment with valuable lessons.

* **Wedding Magician:** Add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your wedding celebration with sophisticated sleight of hand and mind-blowing illusions that leave guests speechless.

* **Corporate Magician:** Impress your clients and colleagues with innovative magic performances that break the ice, boost morale, and create a lasting impression.

**Anil's expertise extends beyond Indore, reaching out to Dewas, Ujjain, Mhow, and Dr. Ambedkar Nagar.** So, whether you're planning a grand celebration in the city or an intimate gathering in the surrounding areas, Anil can bring the magic right to your doorstep.

**Here's what sets Anil apart:**

* **Years of experience:** Anil has honed his craft over several years, captivating audiences of all ages with his polished performances.

* **Versatile repertoire:** His diverse range of acts ensures there's something for everyone, from classic illusions to modern mind-reading feats.

* **Interactive engagement:** He actively involves the audience in his shows, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

* **Professionalism and reliability:** You can count on Anil to arrive on time, prepared, and dedicated to making your event a resounding success.

**Ready to transform your event into a magical wonderland? Contact Magician Anil Kale today!**

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